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We're a coffee shop with a difference. Aside from serving delicious coffee and food, we want our customers to feel at home. That's why we've created a space that caters for all, stepping away from the industrial aesthetic that frequents so many modern day coffee shops. 

Element Coffee is all about warmth, good coffee and good conversations.

Over 7 years ago, we (that's Louis and Nat) were working together in a small speciality coffee shop and begun brewing up visions for the business we wanted to create. We spent years working in various places that taught us many valuable things, but we always felt they were missing that something.

In 2018 we finally spotted the location we needed to create our vision, and together spent months building and designing the interior of the shop. From the construction of the coffee bar to the creation and installation of the shop sign, almost everything within the shop was built by us (with a little help from family and friends!).

In 2019 Element Coffee opened its doors to the public and begun its journey within the fantastic community of Northfields.


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Opening a roastery was always a future goal for us. In early 2020 our shop doors were forced to close due to the worldwide pandemic, and though this was incredibly difficult for us it gave us the opportunity to work on the business and what our next steps would be. In August 2020, we officially opened our roastery!

We choose our coffees carefully, making sure they are perfect for our customers before roasting, quality control, packing and distributing all ourselves.

We’re thrilled to be working with one of the UK’s top green coffee distributors, who pride themselves on their relationships with the farmers and families they work with.