Our Story


Having met at a crowded house party almost 10 years ago, we instantly bonded over our love speciality coffee (and a whole gallery of latte art pics). Three years later, when we both walked into a cafe and by absolute chance began working together, we reconnected over our industry experiences and mutually agreed that the West London coffee scene was missing something. It was at this point we began nurturing the plan of building a space that was inclusive, inviting and innovative.

The Cafe


In 2018, we finally found a unit to put our vision to the test. Together (with a little help from family and friends) we fitted the entire shop ourselves - from the coffee bar to the retail shelves - in less than five weeks. In March 2019, 236 Northfield Avenue opened its doors and brought a new and exciting café space for locals and commuters to enjoy.


Element Coffee is all about creating a sense of comfort, familiarity and pleasure that consistently awaits any new or returning customer.

The Roastery

Nat roasting.jpg

Selecting a coffee to drink nowadays can be a far more complicated process then it needs to be; most customers simply end up feeling lost and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice and information they face when entering the world of specialty coffee. Our vision for the roastery is to bridge the divide between the instant coffee world and the true third wave coffee movement.

We offer some of the industry's highest quality coffee without the imposing sense of judgment, and ensure that no matter what new coffee we select for our range there will always be something to suit everyone. 

All of the coffees we roast are carefully selected to match our interpretation of the elements. As and when new coffees are selected for each element, we aim to choose a green bean that is close in flavor to the previous. No matter what time of year you grab a bag of your favorite Element, you can expect it to be something you love.