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Fifth Element

Ethiopia + Peru





Washed and Natural

Jimma + Jaen, Cajamarca

Mixed Heirloom Varietals

1700-1900 masl


Situated in the Jimma Zone, Mana Woreda and Geruke kebele operate as a cooperative, sharing a single washing station. This station is managed by 5 full-time employees and supported by 300 casual staff during the harvest period from October to December.


Covering an extensive area of 1,200 hectares, the soil consists of sandy loam and is rich in nutrients. Coffee is cultivated under a natural shade canopy provided by crops like false bananas. The farmers adhere to sustainable practices, utilizing organic fertilizer, primarily composed of animal manure and preserved discarded coffee cherry pulp mixed with lime. This fertilizer is distributed to farmers at the end of each season.

The ripe red cherries are meticulously handpicked, a labor-intensive process. Subsequently, the cherries undergo flotation in water tanks, allowing for separation based on density and quality, with the removal of under-ripe "floaters." Mechanical depulping follows, along with additional washing and fermentation. The coffee is then transferred to raised beds for sun drying, typically spanning 10-14 days. During this drying process, the coffee is regularly agitated to ensure even drying and tachieve the desired moisture content, which is monitored at intervals. Finally, the coffee is packed and transported to a dry mill located near Addis Ababa, where it undergoes preparation for export.


Peru's unique geographical features, including the high altitude of the Andes, volcanic soil richness and tropical rainfall, make it a prime location for producing high-quality Arabica coffee.

In 2018, our green importers had set up a small warehouse with a QC lab in Jaen, Cajamarca, a northern coffee town. Here, farmers bring their dry parchment for quality analysis, with many tasting their own coffee for the first time. 

This warehouse works with 275 producers across 15 districts in Cajamarca, 3 producer associations and 10 full-time employees, with gender equality at its core.

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